Saturday, December 10, 2011


 Saigon, Vietnam 2011

Saigon, Vietnam 2011 

Saigon, Vietnam 2011

First one is a hand-crank-powered bike. Its usually used be people who have some sort of disability. The girl on the back is selling lottery tickets. People who carry around lottery tickets and sell them on the streets typically are not in financially stable homes.
Second picture is one of my many cousins. He's adjusting the seat height before biking -- he shares the bike with his older sister.
Third picture is two men waiting for business. One transports goods, the other transports people.

Soldered some wires together at my internship yesterday to get some photography equipment to work. Burnt myself (a little) in the process cause I forgot the soldering pen was hot... But the burn is almost already healed!

Hai Ngo

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