Thursday, December 8, 2011


Northfield, Minnesota 2010

After a week of informational interviews with alumni and working professionals, the whole art thing (including commercial photography) is starting to seem pretty scary. Even becoming a successful freelance photographer doesn't seem nearly as appealing anymore. I suppose we all knew the fiscal risks of the field, but its the added marketing and business part of it that really does not seem fulfilling. I just want to be a dreamer, but I'm becoming awfully scared to dream.

I was putting together pictures of Carleton at someone's request, and found the above photograph. I had cropped it really wide originally, but now looking back at it there was no need for the crop. So here it is, uncropped.

Also, I realized I should probably try to optimize search results for "Hai Ngo" a little more, so I'm going to start signing off of every post :)
-Hai Ngo

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