Thursday, October 13, 2011


 Vietnam 2011

  Vietnam 2011

Vietnam 2011

A few quick amendments:
1) "So far, Kodak Porta VC 160 ISO is my favorite color film" (Kodak Portra VC 160 ISO). "...I also think I will never use Kodak Portra VC again... Not because Ektar is so amazing (which it is), but because I just don't like how Portra looks" (6x6 Medium Format). It turns out, I think that my most recent experiance with Porta (the negative experiance) might have been because (1) the film was expired and (2) there was x-ray fog. A lot of my film pictures suffered from going through customs at the airport. The signs said that it wouldn't affect my film, but one of them, somewhere between Vietnam and Minnesota, ruined some of my film.

2) Apparently using the traffic horn (found in the latter half of this post) is expected from other drivers in order to indicate their location and close proximity to you; hence, the constant honking from everyone.

3) I had one more, but I forgot... I'll get back to you on this one... 

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