Saturday, September 17, 2011

Aikido Master

Aikido master in the dojo I visited in Vietnam. Guns are banned in Vietnam and life is a little grittier in Saigon. Many of my cousins told me stories of being bullied as a little kid. They then took martial arts classes, fought someone at school (which is really common -- people test their strengths all the time), and then were finally left alone. Long story short, a large portion of the population (in Saigon at least) know martial arts. One of my cousins have been studying Aikido for over 6 years.


  1. How/when are you going to show these photos???

  2. Hey CK-

    I'm putting together a short slideshow with a voice over for Carleton's media relations -- kinda like a look-at-all-the-cool-things-students-get-to-do-here. There will be 20 or so pictures there. My goal prior to VN was to publish a small book, but I don't think I have enough pictures for that.

    I'm exhibiting this winter, but that will be more of a commentary on photography as opposed to travel photography -- so not many of these pics there. Maybe I'll try to make two exhibits...? Maybe Libe? Maybe the new Wietz center?

    In short, I'm not sure yet. I'll let you know when I know! :)

  3. Here's some so far... :)