Friday, August 12, 2011


So in traditional (Eastern) medicine here, there's something that roughly translates to being wind-struck. It entails neausia, aches, and flu/cold-like symptoms. The cure involves taking medicated oil (a sort of icy-hot in oil form) and a spoon or coin. Apply the oil to 'important' parts of the body -- the entire back along the spine, the chest, the vains of the elbow, tip of the ears, bridge of the nose, inner arms, and probably a few other places I'm forgetting. As its being applied, you take the spoon/coin and scrape specific lines onto the body which causes that part of the body to become red. If a particular red appears then one is wind-struck (and in the process of being cured).

I find it hard not to analyze this tradition from a westerners perspective. Fact is, there's simply no studying of eastern medicine in high school (nor Carleton).

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