Saturday, August 13, 2011

To the Film-Nostalgic Alumni

These two fisherman shots aren't on film. (As I've mentioned before, no film scanner here.) But after dropping a little more than $100 to develop four 4x5 slide frames and two 4x5 color negative frames and 15 rolls of 120mm color negative, the owner of the store (whose pretty mean to his workers verbally) showed me his back room. There was easily millions of dollars (USD!!) worth of cameras and lenses in the room. Sure, he had the digital lenses that look like mortars, but he also had a giant 8x10 (and 4x5 compatible) Linhof, cases (i.e. multiples shelves) stuffed with hasselblads, and just ... everything that is film photography.

So after spending soo much money of just developing my film, I remembered the alumni who've commented on past film-posts. And also Davey Bendicksen who has essentially tutored me through Film 101 via email and Lois Babatz for her encouraging comments from time to time. It's not a great photo or anything, but I took this one for you guys:

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