Thursday, August 25, 2011


Just got back to Saigon -- homebase. Got in a 15 person van where they shoved 24 people with luggage last night at 2am. (It's a transportation service. I'd never been, didn't know what to expect). I was sitting heels to butt, knees to chest. It was an estimated 4 hour drive. Cousin got car sick 15 mins in and vomited all over my backpack. Got off, waited 3 hours for a bigger bus to come after a lot of phone calls. Ordered a hot milk (made from condensed milk and hot water) which came with an extra helping of dead floating ants. But 7 hours after it all started (not including the 1 hour late van pick-up for departure), I'm now back in Saigon.


  1. did you order milk in the city? hope you didn't drink it...

  2. its was just condensed milk and hot water...? It was still by Bảo Lộc -- central highlands. Did I just drink some chemically engineered milk?