Monday, August 15, 2011

I went to a sort of Photographer's Cafe today. It felt super pretentious and egotistic. Don't think I'm coming back there... One of my younger brothers* (whose over 5 years older than me) told me photography is quickly gaining popularity in Vietnam. Not just digital, but film too. But back to the Cafe. I flipped through a few photography books they had lying around there. It was quite reassuring. There was probably one good photo out of every ten. One observation is that because photography is just starting to gain popularity here, gimmicks are quite successful. Namely a motion blur in the post processing applied to the entire background and simply masking out the subjects -- no panning involved.

And as a quick aside, 4x5 slide negatives are soooo gorgeous. I can only imagine shooting slide film on an 8x10...

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