Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bright Sunrise Nha Trang

A few things:

First, Facebook is blocked here.

Second, I'm starting to feel the anxiety of not having a series to show for my time here. I'm almost at the half-way mark and I don't have many worth-while pictures to show for it. This constantly reminds me of Isabel Rodriguez's (Carl '12) Parisian host dad. He use to be a photographer too. Lived in Africa for a short period, came back to France, only developed one roll of film then threw away the rest of the undeveloped film. A photograph simply cannot capture the actual experience, he said. Regardless of what a photojournalist might say, I don't believe a photograph can objectively capture a moment for a diverse audience. Although my goal here isn't to capture my experience, I can't seem to capture what I want.

Third, I'm about a 30 min motorbike drive away from farmland. It's wonderful there! The monotonous traffic horns disappear. Especially the big trucks. They have some special horn installed that just pierces through the cells of my body and causes an instant headache. Also, in farmland, there's a calming and pleasant wind cooled  by all the irrigated bodies of water.

1 comment:

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