Monday, August 22, 2011

Bảo Lộc

Just left the highlands for Bảo Lộc today. I left with a bag full of wet clothes, 2 kilos of fresh artichoke, two bottles of fermented strawberry juice, and a new-found love for artichoke green tea. Yesterday we got caught in a downpour of rain during our 40min motorcycle ride back to the motel. The two kilos is for my "older sister" (whose my younger cousin) who asked for the artichoke in a very passive way:

How much is fresh artichoke up there? (*You can't easily buy artichoke in Saigon. It's too hot there).
I'm not sure, I'll let you know tonight. How much do you want?
Oh, I was just wondering about the price.

Like artichokes, freshly picked strawberries do not exist in Saigon. We intended to buy some for the extended family but it's not in season. The store clerks sold me on a wine-like strawberry juice via a small private sampling of their different products. And lastly, I discovered two new flavors of tea that I like. I forgot to get the name of the better one ... but the runner up was artichoke!

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