Sunday, July 17, 2011

Never Turn Left

I expected lots of traffic and lots of motorcycles. I expected loose obedience to traffic laws and an omnipresent white noise of traffic horns. I did not expect The Left Turn. So pretty quickly I learned it's normal to be less than 2.54 cm (an inch) away from motorcycles around you. Slam on the gas, slam on the breaks -- that seems to be the driving philosophy here. And road markings are seems to serve decorative purposes. When turning left, one turns into oncoming traffic (its impossible to turn otherwise), weaves through traffic, then eventually merges back onto the right side of the road. And when the death-defying traffic becomes monotonous, you just merge back into oncoming traffic for the trill of it. Well, that's how my dad drives at least.

(Here's one of my cousin, Ti!)

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