Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Crosswalk

Like other road markings, the crosswalk is just for decorative purposes. However, I can't decide of crossing the street is scarier or driving in traffic (err.. being a passenger during traffic). To date, I've had two collisions here already, neither of which were [particularly] serious. Apparently these are really common and are to be expected. The first time someone turned their steering wheel into my arm as we zoomed by them, and the second time the opposing motorcycle was knocked over. There were cops near by when this happened, but they just pointed and laughed. I wasn't really sure what was going to happen. I've heard lots of stories of brawls of rage breaking out in these situations from family members... To my surprise, the other person didn't say anything. They just got up, got back on their bike, and drove away.

(Click to enlarge.) I took these pictures cause I thought they had some cultural significance. I asked around, and apparently its just so the pet dogs don't dig them up. Interesting things I did learn was:
1) Dogs eat rice here. Meat's too expensive. (Cutting down on the carbon pollution! ..Although I wonder if the dogs here have adapted to such a diet.)
2) When someone passes away, you cover 'their tree' (e.g. a tree they planted or bought or gifted) with a white cloth or else their tree will also pass away.
3) You cover the tops of trees with paint if you don't want it to grow taller.

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