Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Avi Fine

Well, through a series of missed calls, naps, and can-we-wait-till-I-finish-this-movie between Avi and I, we finally got out onto the bald spot right at about sunset. Idk why, but other people who also use the school's D3 shoots on jpeg. I never shoot on jpeg. I just leave it on RAW and so I never check. In short, I accidentally shot this on jpeg, so good thing I got it all right in-camera :)

I probably shout have stuck with the 1-light set-up (top picture). There's a little too much in the bottom one. (I didn't think the light would spill so much bare bulb.

Right now its 2:45am and I'm about half way done packing ... although I've only spent about 2 hours packing. Most of it is just doing laundry...

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