Thursday, May 26, 2011

Should I get a Holga?

Sameena ('12)

This portrait session with Sameena was quite different from the other portraits. It was a completely overcast day and so I couldn't really hide my artificial lighting. Instead, I just decided not to even try and make it look more dramatic.

So I've been trying to get my hands on an affordable medium format camera. Unfortunately I haven't found one. So I'm considering getting a Holga (or any other toy camera that takes medium format film.) I'm just not sure if it's worth it though.


  1. I thought you hate lomography? Not sure you would like the lack of control you have over the camera... :)

  2. (Freakin site just emptied my comment... and it won't lemme log in thru gmail to post here...)

    Yeah, I have to say Hai, you'd hate a Holga. Think you nailed an important shot? Yeah, maybe you did -- and then your plastic-fantastic camera will auto-hipsterize your photo for you with its built-in lightleaks. Fun toys, but not serious tools. Like when I shoot unfridged film from the 50s and back or mix up ancient developers, it's fun if you're willing to gamble for the outcome of everything you're doing.

    You know what I think about medium format, most of the time... there's just no magic bullet. Personally I'd think the investment for a full-frame digital might take priority over a medium format. Or if you wanna experiment, I could loan you my Minolta Autocord (Rollei knockoff), but the light meter is shot so you'd have to have fun with an external :)

  3. Hmm... Good points... maybe I should just suck it up and use what I have/experiment with what I have.

  4. sigh... I forgot how large the price difference is between a $250 Mamiya and a $4000+ Nikon D3...