Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Co-op

These are both sun-rise pictures from Wilmington, NC. The top picture is a little softer because I shot it at a slower shutter speed so that I could shoot at the smallest aperture and lowest ISO. The bottom shot is probably just moments after with a faster shutter, a different frame, and a different zoom. If you think about it long enough, what does an objective picture really mean?..

So earlier this week I had a post titled, The Last Paris Photos. Today I went to the Carleton Co-op (a community darkroom) with two rolls of HP5+ waiting to be developed. To my surprise, when I unrolled them and put them in the drier, I saw the familiar rooftop scene looking into the setting sun, silhouetting Montparnasse. So once I get around to scanning them all in, there might be a couple more Paris pictures to hai-light.

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