Friday, March 11, 2011

7-15-11 to 9-04-11

Bought my ticket to Vietnam this morning. Still waiting for my dad's ticket to clear process/confirm or whatever (He insists on coming with to watch for my well being, but I think everyone knows he just wants an excuse to come to Vietnam). I'll be gone from July 15th until September 4th.

My left knee is a little messed up from practice yesterday. Just sort of a silly collision. Limping around now though cause it feels uncomfortable to bend or put pressure on the knee. But besides that, I feel wonderful right now. Not exactly sure why. Maybe its cause of the Larson and the ticket to Vietnam, or maybe its the Kodachrome scans I just got around to finishing (the picture above is Kodachrome!! Paris, France 2010.)


  1. It a special type of film that is no longer being made/developed. Unfortunately.

    "Unlike transparency and negative color films with dye couplers incorporated into the emulsion layers, Kodachrome had none. The dyes were formed during processing.[16] Without couplers, the emulsion layers were thinner, causing less light scattering and allowing the film to record a sharper image.[17] A Kodachrome slide is discernible by an easily-visible relief image on the emulsion side of the film.[18] Kodachrome has a dynamic range of around 8 stops, or 3.6-3.8D.[19]"