Tuesday, February 8, 2011


(First off, the theme had nothing to do with Hogwarts, but there was a Happy Potter themed CUT & Eclipse get-together afterwards. So cheers to that!)

There are about 4 other shots that I'm pretty happy with from this shoot, and this was at the bottom of the list; however, I've gotten some opinions from other people, and they like this one the best. There's a lot of nice elements in it, but I want to do it again adding more drama to all those effects -- namely the back-lit dust.

I started putting this shoot together about 2 or 3 weeks ago. On paper I had 3 off camera flashes, all with wireless controllers, and 2 strobes. I have also been in contact with a make-up artist for the last few months, but she is booked till March. On the day of the shoot I had one off camera flash, courtesy of Steven Wett. The other photos will come this week.

Special thanks to Steven Wett, whom I collaborated with in this shoot, and Jenna Mahr for being a wonderful model.

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