Saturday, February 19, 2011

Creative White Balance

Well, for those of you know don't know, white balance is the adjusting of the intensity of colors. On your cameras, you might have a sunny mode, shade mode, florescent mode, flash mode, etc. There's an entire section of light theory behind this involving color temperature. White balancing is typically used to get the right colors in different light temperatures. But if you understand how it works (or just guess and check), you can use it creatively to get different tones in your pictures. Notably, ALL OF THIS CAN BE DONE IN-CAMERA. Now film is pre-white balanced, but if you are using the right film, you can get the same effect!

The pictures in yesterday's post is slightly more blue than what the natural colors were. Now I don't have a Canon D5 Mark II, so I can't set precisely what Kalvin temperature I want my white balance to be, but my Nikon D3000 (and most other cameras) lets me put it to Daylight. As seen in the second picture, the tungsten lights (light posts) become a lot warmer and the moon gets a warm accent to it (because it gives off a much weaker light than the Sun). The top picture was a manual shift in white balance in the post process.

There's one more version for tomorrow. Meanwhile, you can think about your concepts for the Through the Window $35 Giveaway.

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