Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Hai-atus is Over

It's official, hai-lights is back. And as promised, a $35 giveaway with its return! The theme of the contest was transparent objects. Let's start with the runner ups:

Cory Fauver, Carleton class of 2012. A sort of mysterious yet romantic setting with wonderful colors and a great background setting!

Christopher Kosednar, Carleton alumni '09 and winner of hai-lights' previous giveaway. Originality is certainly one of his strong points.

And without further adieu, hai-lights' Transparent Object Contest Winner:

Andrew Bacon, Carleton class of 2012, but soon taking two years off for his mission trip. Absolutely gorgeous lighting with a mysterious and intriguing subject. (In case you were wondering, it's a jar of honey.)

PS. I wanted to congratulate Odin Bowen on becoming a proud brother of Siri Bowen. The parents are Phil Bowen, Carleton alumni '96 and Paige Bowen, Carleton alumni '00.

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