Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dwayne's Photo Delivers!

Got a package in the mail today and its full of developed film! I had sent in about 5 rolls of film, 4 color negatives, one slide film of some shots in Paris to Dwayne's Photo for development.  I was too cheap to get proof prints or a CD, so now I just have a bunch of 35mm film waiting to be scanned in (or printed ... but probably scanned). I've spent the last couple hours wrestling with Carleton's film scanner.  It jams probably on average 2x per slide.  Its quite frustrating... I've only finished 5 slides...

Anyways, above is (apparently) a double exposure shot of a carousel in front of Hotel de Ville and what I think is the park by the Eiffel Tower.  A night and day shot respectively. Slide film.  I think its fujichrome 50iso? And finally, just a reminder to enter the Transparent Object Photo Contest for a chance to win $35!  There's already some great pictures, but its still anyone's game!

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