Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Quick Recovery

Well, I'm already feeling better, but my pictures are getting worse... :/  Kaamna convinced me to go ice skating in front of Hotel de Ville yesterday.  I only fell once, but it was a hard fall.  I thought my knee was bleeding.  It isn't feeling great now... :)

I shot and shipped my first and last roll of Kodachrome 64 today.  Postage was only about 3 euros and development was about $15 in total after return-shipping, etc.  However, I just realized that its around the holidays and its almost certainly going to take more than a week (which is roughly the deadline for the last Kodachrome films to be developed) for a package from France to get to Kansas.

Lastly, the deadline for hai-lights' $35 Giveaway Vernissage Celebration: Snapshot Street Photography is in less than 4 days!  Submit before it is too late!

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