Sunday, December 5, 2010

A little more about Berlin

So a little about Berlin.  Firstday the flight got canceled because of snow.  We ended up waiting around in line different lines at the airport for many hours.  Eventually we got to our free hotel, which as actually very nice, and walked through a McDonald's drive through (it was the only food around that we could see).  The next day, we got on our new flight without any delays, and made it to Berlin where we saw Chromeo at Maria Nightclub.  Not my favorite, but enjoyable nonetheless.  The next couple days was spent sight seeing, warming up at coffee places, and snapping pictures all day long.  I used digital the first day, then switched to film the rest of the vacation.  Underexposed a lot of my B+W film shots and have yet to develop the color shots.

BTW, hai-lights has its next giveaway in a couple weeks.  An easy $35 in time for the holidays :)

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  1. That plane picture is awesome... something about the shadows makes the plane look EXTREMELY ominous...