Sunday, December 5, 2010

Latest Work

Here's my latest work.  Model: Mario Di Pierro.  Paris, France 2010.  Mario had a long week and pulled an all nighter from Thursday to Friday.  The shoot was Saturday.  I called him probably about 20 times and it went straight to voice-mail every time.  Additionally, not that it really mattered cause I didn't have a model, the studio was in use by a group of people doing some sort of fashion shoot.  I had checked out the studio 2 weeks in advance.  In short, they had a misunderstanding of how to book the studio and thought they had the right to it during my timeslot.  In the end, not a big deal.  A couple hours later I get a call from Mario.  He had just woken up.  But then of course my phone dies ... it just shuts off in the middle of phone calls ...  In the end, I was lucky enough that Roy let me have 15 mins at the end of hiss studio session where I set up the lights in 3 mins, and shot for 7 mins.  Cleaned up in the last 5 mins.  We went through 2 scarfs and about 4 poses. Here's the final work.  I shot tight to maximize resolution cause I knew I could add black space (for some breathing room) pretty easily in the post processing.

I think this is my new favorite portrait to date. Almost want to make it my profile pic on facebook :)  Shot with a 70-300mm zoom mounted on a Nikon D3000.  One grided spot light from the top at full power, 1/250 shutter and F32.  Shot at 100mm with the subject 2.8 meters away from the camera, and probably less than 1 meter away from the light.  Just used the burgundy cloth backdrop that was alright there, but obviously it didn't matter.  Lighting inspired by Phil Bowen.