Thursday, December 16, 2010


I've been working on refining work that I already have so much that I don't have much new stuff to show.  Here are some from Berlin.  Oh, and a great start to the show today.  Sold two first editions:  Kristian Kasi and Sasha Swedlund.  One was to a teacher who appreciated the work and wanted to encourage me to continue.  The second was to a student who is also a mom.  I imagine she also wants to encourage me :)  And well, my ego is pretty inflated right now.


  1. Sweet, which were the prints that sold? Did you have to decide how many of each you'd be doing in an "edition", or are you just printing/selling open editions?

  2. Limited edition of 5 prints and an Artist proof. The pictures of Sasha Swedlund and Kristian Kasi were sold. Kristian first to a teacher, sasha second to a student.

  3. Hey! its tanya from you motion graphics class! i realised at the end your video you wrote ur url so i checked it out! shame i only found out the last day of class! anyway good work cool to see it!
    check out mine if you want!
    hope you have a good holiday!