Sunday, December 12, 2010


The first picture is the portrait that's gets printed really really small on cheap paper for the brochure.  Just a quick 3 min shoot in the studio with help from Michas Vanni.  The second picture is Kaamna Patel, whose picture is from my CLEAROBSCURE series, and is probably one of my favorites.

Artist Statement for CLEAROBSCURE:

For me, art is one of many ways of thinking, and my thoughts are always reflected in my works.  There are the conscious elements I have put in my art, but there are also elements waiting to be realized.  I try to bring my thoughts to a stopping point, but I know there is never a true end.
            I wrestle with the possible answers that pass through my mind, all of which I understand can be proven otherwise; similarly, I wrestle with everything that I can and cannot control in every photograph.  Photography embodies the struggles of thought and expresses it in the same relative manner. 
            In an endless search for conclusions, answers are merely fragments of thoughts fitted together.    Although each person and place is intentionally selected, the individual photographs are of an atmosphere, and altogether CLEAROBSCURE is a thought process.
            Every crafted image is the potential for growth and self-discovery.  Not only is it a means for me to articulate my thoughts to others, but to myself as well.

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