Friday, December 17, 2010

17 Dec 2010

Here's a couple more from Berlin.

The show today went well in my opinion.  I had a great time giving tours of the gallery and talking about my work.  Everytime I give the tour and try to make my sentences just a little more percice, and each time I learn a little more or something becomes just slightly more clear.  It was nice to hear what everyone liked and how many people chose many different things about the series to comment on.  My guest book is filled with comments to sustain my inflated ego for a while longer.  Today is my last academic day at Parsons Paris.  Although I had my complaints, Parsons Paris has offered me so much.  I'll go into more details tomorrow.  Just finishing some final prints.

Oh.  The second edition of Kristian Kasi sold today making it my best selling picture to date :)

Already starting to miss Paris,

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