Friday, November 19, 2010


Wow, so check this out.  The top one is an absolutely raw image, straight from the camera.  No color corrections, no vibrance enhancements, no increased contrast.  The second one is a tripodless HDR (high dynamic range) shot (you can tell by the clouds and tones of the buildings.)  Now maybe I'm just bad with creating HDR images, but the first one looks much better to me.  Maybe its this whole film thing that's getting to my head... (Side note: When I saw these pictures I thought, "ah.  There's the Hai I knew from before Paris."  Not a good or bad thing.  Just a thing.)

Anyways, here's my final selection shot.  You can compare it to yesterday's finalists.  Think I made the right choice?  Why or why not?
PS.  The frisbee-related sponsorship giveaway is coming up! :)

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