Thursday, November 11, 2010

No School, Just Studio

So today is some holiday ... forgot what its called ... But I realized I need to do like 4 shoots a week if I`m going to finish all my finals on time (not to mention some animation and video work).  My laptop battery died and I forgot my charger, so I guess you guys get to see some raw pics from my shoot today. None of these are the final product, nor THE shot, but you get a glimpse of the concept :) These aren't straight from the camera; I pumped the contrast a little.  Uncropped though, as you can see.  Shot at f20 with my 70-300 zoom.  Had to go manual focus due to the limitations of my camera body.  Model: Michas, son of two models.


  1. ...Just trying to get a free laptop....

    The real shots are pretty different :)