Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lambda Prints

For my color photography class, we were asked to make a couple Lambda prints, which is a process of digitizing your color film, making digital edits, then printing them as you would in the darkroom by projecting the image on to light sensitive paper.  I never knew there was such a great difference between digital prints and c-prints (color darkroom prints).  The colors are soo much nicer and you keep soo much more details in the highlights and lowlights.

First pic is by the Notre Dame, the second is by the Louvre.


  1. Do I sense a polarizer on that 2nd shot? :)

  2. :)Thanks for the polarizer!

    I find myself using it more than the yellow filter cause I can't really visualize what the yellow is gonna do to the picture yet...

  3. By the notre dame, you mean the park/square directly behind the notre dame?