Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kodak Portra VC 160 ISO

So far, Kodak Porta VC 160 ISO is my favorite color film.  It's negative color film, but its cheaper than slide film.  I love high contrast high saturation pictures so the VC (vivid color) comes as a natural choice.  I actually quite enjoy the bluer tones of Fuji, but the colors just aren't quite as nice from the films that I have tried.  Above are some scanned and lightly processed film shots.  The second one is a little over processed now that I look at it...  All these shots are from around where I live.

Also, just as a heads up, there might be another giveaway coming up in a week or two.  It might particularly appeal to any Ultimate players or disc golfers reading this :)  And its gonna be something with cellphone pictures.

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