Monday, November 15, 2010

Got My Keys Again

My keys were at the front desk waiting for me this morning.  Here's a couple Kodak Portra VC 160ISO shots just around the Notre Dame.  AND below is my first video assignment for my Moving Image class.  He just wanted us to get going so we had to turn in a finished product within a week.  So it's really basic, simple, and not really worth its own blogpost :)  Also, music credit to Daniel Curme, class of 2010.


  1. Pretty sweet actually. Im happy you decided to use this idea... I somewhat felt a feeling of stop-motion as opposed to actual moving images (a video). Was that somewhat of an intention?

  2. lol, I`m glad someone likes it :)
    Uhh... Honestly I didn`t give it too much thought. Just went with the flow of things. Only had a week so I knew I wasn`t gonna reshoot.