Friday, November 5, 2010

Film in Paris

At first, when I started my film classes (B&W Photography and Color Photography), I thought, "gee... this would be a lot cheaper if I were in the states."  But now I realize that Paris is a wonderful (and by my narrow experiences, perhaps one of the best) places to learn film.  The culture here maintains traditionalism and film is quite traditional.  When you combine that with all the tourist-photographers and travel-photographers that Paris attracts, the market for film becomes much stronger.  And of course it goes without saying that the art scene here is, well, outrageously present (in a good way!)  This means all sorts of film and film cameras are readily available and easily accessible; anything from 35mm to large format, from lomography cameras to view cameras, from do-it-yourself B&W printing studios to full color studios.  And on top of it all, it's Paris: breath-taking to say the least (for some photographers, its a little too beautiful).

The three pictures above are all film.  The last is Kodak Portra VC converted to B&W ... seems wasteful, I know...  The first one is Ilford HP5+.  I finished one roll of HP5+ pushed to 3200 ISO today.  I stupidly got too excited and popped the back open before winding up the roll so we'll see if any of it turns out...  I was pretty quick to close it and it wasn't too bright out yet ... :/

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