Monday, November 1, 2010

Congratulations Davey Bendiksen!

David Bendiksen, class of 2010, is hai-lights CNS Giveaway winner (second picture)!  Very technically strong and a fun story to follow it up.  He stays up to the early hours and checks hai-lights right before he sleeps.  And I am flattered to hear it never fails to put a smile on his face :)  Enjoy your $35 and thank you for your submission.  Honorable mentions to Kayla Nygaard and Jonathan Hahn, both Carleton class of 2012.

First image was originally taken by Brian in my Lighting Seminar class.  I had set up the lights and the composition, but want to test a few things before I took my shot.

This morning I went into the Louvre, but forgot a roll of film (shot, but undeveloped) in my backpack and put it through the X-ray machine ... I developed it and there are still images, but idk how the exposures are.  They look over-exposed ... :,(

Thanks again to everyone who submitted to hai-lights' first giveaway.

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