Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another Sunday Post

Wow.  So I forgot my keys at school ... again ...  and school isn't open Sundays ... so I'm sleeping over at Kristian's and so I also have internet!  The first picture above isn't a final product.  I decided it looks much too Ipod-y to use for a potential portfolio image.  The next two are my final selections from last Thursday's shoot with Michas.  I created a subtle halo in the 3rd image but I'm not sure its appropriate for the picture.  Thoughts? Also, in terms of content, do you prefer image 2 or 3?  And why?

PS.  Yesterday's shoot with Adam went pretty well!  Didn't get through all the set-ups I wanted, but still got a handful of great images.  More on this later.


  1. So at first glance the content of both pictures seem quite grim... one reminiscent of slavery or something similar while the bottom picture is reminiscent of a hanging. I'm guessing these were the intentions of your pictures... If so, the content of the first one seems more controversial, and controversy is always interesting. What was the purpose of a green green highlight around a grim subject?

  2. Just to clarify, the green is a saturation of what was created in the studio. I gelled a honeycombed light (i.e. put a green transparency over a light) and put it on the background. I wanted to create a more uncomfortable image and I thought green would do the trick. Although slavery is a possibility, I also wanted to contrast identity and its relation to society. One thing I remember from way back when I was writing my IB extended essay is a little something from Robert Greene's 48 Laws of Power: [Something along the lines of] Remember that you have the power to define who you are, and that many people forfeit this power to social pressures. (For the record, I think its an okay book, but not an exceptional one.) I titled them 'Self-Portrait' in my Flickr uploads.

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  4. Man, this looks like a hard shoot to orchestrate good mechanics between both people in front of the lens.

    Preference for #2, though I wish it were a little different in the end as well. I definitely like it over 3. For the themes which you mention, the tie is too limp in 3 to express them, and the "dominant" subject on the right is inactive -- so there's literally no tension of expression between her and the dominated subject (either through the tie or through the juxtaposition of their positions). For that matter, the "dominated" subject in #2 is too neutral at the moment -- the dominator on the right is providing some real tension to the shot, but there's not an "equal and opposite" reaction going on here. To combine the two, I think the "slumping" figure from #3 would have gone very well in the 2nd shot. Great job on these -- I really don't mean to be critical about them since I realize what a tough job studio shooting is! Hope the comments are helpful.

  5. hmm. Maybe I'll try compositing them together lol. Probably won't work too well with that spotlight gradient though...

    But definitely thanks for the constructive criticisms though! If you did not know what you read in these comments, would it have changed anything?