Saturday, November 13, 2010

About to Shoot

I'm about to shoot.  This time I have a time restriction.  But I think it'll be alright.  Its thumbtacks instead of zippers this time.  The make up is similar to the villain in Hellboy.  The plan for lighting is first a basic beauty dish to catch all the make-up.  Then some directional lighting (what can I say, I love rim lighting..), then some expirmental stuff.  I bought incense sticks to see if I can do a smoky background.  It'll be tricky because I can't have light hitting the background and the key light can't hit the back-lit smoke.  Fingers crossed.

The shot above is one from my 3200ISO push.  I pumped contrast and deepened the blacks in the post.  Lots of grain as expected.  But a nice look in my opinion.  I think I'm going to reshoot it.  I just guesseed on the exposure.  I'm getting better :)

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  1. (btw, that's a night shot. The glow is from the light pollution, not some crazy vignette process)