Sunday, November 7, 2010

About 5 Weeks Left

(Wow.  It's Sunday and I'm posting!!)  So there are roughly 5 weeks left of Parsons Paris, which makes roughly 7 weeks left of Paris for me.  I have a rough idea of what my finals will look like: four photographic series, a short animation clip [30secs], a short video, and organizing a (hypothetical?) gallery exhibition.

The two pics above are those type of pics that you -- the photographer -- wish you shot better, but didn't...  In other words, pictures that had potential, but aren't successful.

PS.  It's offical.  hai-lights 2nd giveaway will take place in about two weeks.  The prize is sponsored by an internet-based Frisbee store.  The competition will be camera-phone picture based.  More details to come.


  1. Does that mean frisbee prizes??? And what store?

  2. Well, its a smaller store and its a Frisbee-related prize. More to come :)