Thursday, November 18, 2010


The first shot was the cheapest Fuji color negative film I could find.  Fuji Supera I think?  The second one is Kodak Portra VC.  That was my first time trying to shoot color film in the studio with strobes.  I ended up under exposing all the shots...  I guess my blue filter cut more light that I thought... (Negative color film is white balanced for daylight and studio lights are tungsten.  So you need to use filters to correct everything or else the colors get goofy.)  Filters and ISO differences between digital and analog was too different I guess.  It's too bad cause color film demands pretty accurate exposures.  I processed the second pic via photoshop in my attempt to salvage it.

As for my laptop, its getting worse and worse.  I have to use Christian's spare monitor he left here to use my laptop... and processing pictures are going to be a lot more difficult with all these different (unsynchronized) monitors coming into play.

Special thanks to Kylie Guthrie (Make-up Artist) and Adam Thomas William Wilde (Model).

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