Friday, October 22, 2010

Still Lifes

Here are three still lifes from lighting class.  I'm definitely shooting more for subtly now.

Yesterday we had an in-class shoot for Contemporary Portraiture.  It went okay.  Not perfect.  Which in a studio setting I feel like it should always be perfect... So some disappointment.  Spent a fair amount of time in post processing.  I'll wait two weeks to post the results though cause I don't want them online before I hand them in for class (the prof is on vacation next week).  I remade my hai-lights Glamfix action after I lost it when my computer crashed.  For a glam blur, it keeps a lot of detail.  I'm quite happy.  Of course its no replacement for pixel based editing, but its a difference of 20 seconds versus somewhere around an hour.  Two big things I learned from this shoot.  First, there's a difference between appearing self confident and actually being self confident, and it shows in your studio workflow.  Second, the way I interact with the model needs a lot of work...

As for the $35, I think I'll make it something a long the lines of email me a picture of the impression you get of who I am based on this blog.  Don't worry about offending me, I promise I won't take it personally.  Images will be evaluated on concept/creativity and technical execution.  It's $35 and I don't imagine there will be a whole lot of submissions.  So it might be worth your time to even just take a quick cell phone pic and email it to me at  I'll have an offical give-away blog post tomorrow :)  You'll have about a week for all submissions.

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