Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oh yeah, My Social Portraits

These are just some selections from the entire project.  Each one is part of a diptych, i.e. I would print two pics on one piece of paper, one on top of the other.  Pretty self explanatory.  They take a pic of themselves and I take a pic of them taking a pic of themselves.  Quite fun :)

What I realized from this project and that one day in the studio is that my composition isn`t as strong as I would like it.  I`m not great at posing my models if they don`t naturally know what to do and when I`m given control of everything, the result is often worse than when I just take the environment as it is.  That said, I am now determined to set up a shoot every other week (...we`ll see how that goes...) and just get in technical practice.

Anyways, B&W film uploads tomorrow!! :)


  1. woops. THe last two should be flipped. The father should be on top.

  2. Man, this was an awesome idea with sweet results. You gotta give yourself credit for creativity on this one.