Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In-class Studio Shoot

Just in time for Halloween.  We had an in-class studio shoot for my Contemporary Portraiture class last week.  We didn't know what the model looked like or anything.  I just came in with two light set ups in mind, but with my heart set on this one.  I was hoping for a guy to be honest (easier to avoid a glamor shot).  So I got there and then I had to pick out her outfit.  That's quite nice that we had options, but certainly something I did not expect.  Anyways, my interaction with the model was pretty ... amateur.  I was going for creepy, but I think there is just a tad little too much glamor in the shot?  Let me know what you think.  I've pulled the color from her face, but left some around her eyes in my attempt to create the look I'm was going for.  Oh, and all of this was within 20 mins.

On a completely different topic, we were talking about what everyone eats/cooks in the darkroom yesterday. Talk about food made me particularly hungry and so i went out and splurged.  I bought real meat.  Not eggs.  Not hot-dogs.  But 15% fat ground beef. :)


  1. I definitely think you achieved creepy in this shot. Even though the hat is a little glamorous, it is balanced by the darkness of the bottom half, especially the shadowed face. The lighting was well done for a 20 minute time frame! :)

  2. sick wid it. your shit is tight