Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Guess what? Another day in the lab.

1) Does anyone understand it?  Cause I don`t ... hence the picture ...
2) Rooftop.  Pretty good view, eh?
3) Somewhere near Sacre Coeur.  I wish the sun weren`t soo harsh in this one.

Sorry I don`t have other film shots to show you right now.  Only a few rolls into my career and I`m already well behind in the digitizing process.  I get to shoot large format with a view finder this week in my lighting seminar class!!  Only one shot though (It`s like $13 per shot)...  Super excited :)

On another note, I find that because I started in digital, I really just don`t have a developed eye for highlights, shadows, etc.  So my B&W shots just aren`t up to the standard I expect them to be at.  Guess I better buy more film... :) ... :(?

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