Saturday, October 9, 2010

Focusing on Film

I`ve been slowly moving away from digital so I can focus on film.  As a result, I don`t have nearly as many digital pics to choose from for my blog posts, and scanning film takes ages...  Hopefully this is drastically increase my learning curve for B&W.  Also, its quite the hassle to lug around all the (fabulous) film SLR stuff Davey lent me and my digital stuff.  So recently, I`ve just been carrying my point and shoot, just in case.

First 3 shots are just some street photography shots.  Last one (point and shoot) is a belated HAPPY BDAY to Isabel Rodriguez!! (The other Carl `12 here in Paris).

Oh, i forgot I wrote this last night case I wanted to blog it:
So I spent 11 am till 7:15pm in the same studio with the same lights composing and lighting shots.  The first 5 hours was for Color Photography for which I think I was given a little less time to work, which is okay I suppose.  I thought I did pretty well there.  But then in the next class, when we used the view finder, I was sort of surprised with a need to create and light a portrait.  I guess I freaked out about time and was a little tired and got a little sloppy.  Now I`m sitting at the computer with this anxiety in my lungs/on my chest with a sudden realization and extreme debasing of my confidence in the studio.  Well, at least its the weekend.


  1. shit's tight, keep it up

  2. Thanks CK.
    Good to know I have some active viewers :)