Monday, October 4, 2010

Developing in Stock D-76

I cant seem to upload pictures right now..  I`ll just double up on pics tomorrow..

Anyways, developed my HP5 films today in D-76 stock developer today.  I did some some guestimation and figured in 24.5 degrees Celsius water I would need to develop for somewhere between 4.5-5.25 mins ...I think... Anyways, I tried to be efficient and multi-task and ended up forgetting about the other all time (I only paid attention to the 5 seconds agitation [e.g. shake the container] every 30 seconds).  I ended up developing the two rolls of film (one of which I thought I had completely ruined) for about 15 mins.  The negatives look very strongly contrasted.  I'll make a contact sheet later today and let you guys know how it went.

Remember when I salvaged that one roll of film a couple days ago?  Anyways, I finished the roll and wanted to put in a new roll.  Unfortunately I forgot about that pre-opened roll in my camera.  So when I opened my film slot, I saw that the film canister was cracked open...  Luckily, I think it only burn the first ~5 frames which were questionable to begin with because I had to change cameras, etc.  Overall, I'd say its been a good day so far :)

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  1. C'mon, a 4-5 stop accidental push ain't so bad... :)