Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another Day in the Lab

1) Film.  Sacre Coeur from my roof
2) Film. A strike at Bastile.
3) Original photo by Kristian Kasi.  Went to some flea markets and the nice camera-seller tried to dazzle me with a telephotosniper cam thing.
4) Original photo by Kristian Kasi.  Back on the roof with my 300mm.
5) This was a part of my social portraits project which, imo, went really well.  I`ll tell you guys/show you guys more later this week.  But this one was a random creepy picture since the shutter speed is just slow enough to show his pupils through his eyelids...
6) Worlds worst photographer :p (...Not actually.  But almost.)  jk.
7) Going to school
8) Film. This is the top of my staircase where I live.  I like this picture ... maybe case it means a lot to me.  Its where I live, a part of my everyday life.  6 flights is not something that I can simply ignore.  And this picture was taken on the night I was cold, locked out of my room until 1:something pm.  But my B&W prof pretty much hates it.  I dont have much experience in B&W so I`m guessing he`s right... :`(


  1. Also, now that I`m printing so much, seeing these digitized film pics just makes me feel sad that I do most of my shoots in digital... The silver in the B&W film prints just adds a whole different feeling to B&W photography.

    ...Too bad we can`t do color film prints at Parsons...

  2. Your prof might not like that last shot, but he's wrong. I think it's great. Sure, the prof might think the shot would've been better if you took your foot outta the way and added another stop or two of depth to the stairs going down, dissolving into an out of focus blur before the flights reach the ground. But that's his view of the shot, without knowing that it means something different to you. The way I see it, like you said, you stuck your foot out over the railing in that shot and it means something -- not a contemplation of suicide exactly, but certainly a reaction to and confirmation of the night you spent locked out. So keep sticking your foot out there, in a metaphoric sense, even if the prof hates it.

    Incidentally, I think you nailed this shot well in a different way. For some reason the focus seems to end just under your shoe to me, and with the dust on the print/film, it almost makes the whole image a flat plane for you put your foot on -- like it's something solid to stand on, an achievement maybe, even if it's actually an image of a plummeting stairwell.