Monday, September 27, 2010

Pics for Sat, Sun, and Mon

1-3) Sunset from the roof of my apartment
4-5) Snipping shots with my 70-300mm on 3200 ISO from my rooftop.  Creepy, I know.
6-8) Shakespeare Books.  Really famous publisher.

I sat down this weekend and went through all my Paris pics so far and did a primary quick edit on all of them.  I met up with some Carls here in Paris yesterday with Charlie -- the international student coordinator (I don`t know if that is his official title) -- who has a budget to take out Carls for a drink or whatnot when he runs into them :)  Orders went around the table: white wine, red wine, tea, coffee, ...then me...  I mumbled really quietly, screaming orgasm s'il vous plaît...  >.< (If Carleton is paying, why not, right?)


  1. This post contains all the things I love about Hai Ngo.


  2. Ms. Trees worked at the Shakespeare book store this summer. She loves it. Also... you're a creeper.