Monday, September 20, 2010

Only 3 months left...

1- Fr. Louvre side of the pedestrian bridge
2- Notre Dame at night (i live by it... only natural I take soo many pics of it...)
3- Outside the Louvre
4- The line to buy a elevator ticket up the Eiffel Tower.  I haven't been, but I plan to take the stairs.  DFA.
5- A door in the fabric district in the 18th.

I went to this huge Clignancourt markets yesterday in search of a cheap 55mm camera.  It took me about 4 hours and a lot of searching and I even met a really nice guy in an overly priced camera store.  He had a Hasselblad for 900 Euros though (and a million other cool things to look at).  Anyways, the sketchier stores rush you (otherwise they kick you out) if you take too long examining the cameras.  Probably cause most of them are broken, scratched, etc.  I found a Cannon AE-1 which he said 80 euros.  I called a friend for the market value, came back, and bargained it down to 45 euros.  Turns out the aperture ring is broken :(  Idk what I'll do next with it, but I think I might try to sell it back to a store for about 55 euros.  or try to anyways. Maybe I can get store credit and buy a nicer, working camera.  There's a million more stories (like how it was really cold the night I got locked out and I went up and down the 6 flights of stairs to stay warm) but I have a lot of work and g2g.  I'll show some of my film stuff when I get the time to scan them in.  It takes forever...  Some of them look really good though!  Definitely some new portfolio pics :)

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