Monday, September 13, 2010

One weekend later

Everything above is from inside the Pompidou except for the middle one, which is my room.  I tried to go market hopping on Sunday (for some film cameras and accessories) but failed.  Was just too tired from the night before and ended up going home after two markets and took a two hour nap.

I've almost finished my first roll of film!  Three shots left as of now.  Hopefully the shots turn out: are in focus and exposed properly.  I was looking online to wee how much cheaper it would be, and turns out it'll be about $5 a roll.  I feel like soo much happened this last weekend but I just don't know what to type about.  Anyways, my school isn't open Sundays...  that's extremely inconvenient..!

Sold like ~10 to 15 old books to a store for my host mom today.  She got 4 euros for it.. lol.

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