Friday, September 3, 2010

The Louvre

(Pics are of the Louvre)

Hmm..  So I spent about 7 Euros at lunch (an éclair and some sandwich I’ve never seen before and wanted to try.)  I think éclairs are amazing here but they aren’t cheap…  Then for dinner we went to China Town which was about 10 euros.  So that’s about 22-ish dollars for food for one day.  Hmm..

Life in Paris is pretty fabulous!  Super pricy though.  It’s like $2-3 USD for a bottle of water, and my house had old lead pipes, so I can’t just drink tap water.  Milk is like 1.20 Euros for a liter, eggs are like 2-3 Euros for 6…  lol.  But the cheese, wine, and bread is unbeatable! 
Oh, I noticed I’m also picking up a foreign accent in my English…

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