Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Louvre at Night

So I needed to shoot a roll of positive Fuji color film.  I bought Fujichrome Provia 400X for about 8 euros….  I started walking along the Seine River about an hour before sunset.  I had intended to get out earlier, but got caught up in a pleasant conversation with my host mom.  I shot until 11:00 when I remembered that I probably had daylight film and street lighting is probably tungsten lights…  Kaamna confirmed that this was the case.  I think what this means is that all my night shots (which I’m pretty sure is half of the roll) will turn out yellow (…or was it blue..?)  Bummer…
Anyways, back in my room.  The longer I’m here at Parsons, the more I realize how few equipment/facilities Parsons has and how much Carleton has.  So far the only thing Parsons has over Carleton (besides one being a liberal arts school and one being and arts school) is that Parsons has Bowen Strobes with power packs that I can check out :)
I plan to see if I can bring the strobes outside on a dramatically cloudy day and get some edgy shots.  Oh!  And one more thing.  The other day I was at happy hour with a friend and they served us this Cheetoes-look-alike, except they tasted like peanuts!
Just scanned in (sorta ... gotta do it again) some of my HP5 negatives…  they look super armature.  Improperly exposed, etc. :(

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