Friday, September 24, 2010

Le Mix Club

1) I want to catch a shot similar to this on B&W film.  A little brighter though.  Its the driver`s view of the metro in motion.  I also want to catch it with the metro-stop lights in the shot.
2) Sunset reflected on a window.  Used a polarizer on my lens.  Colors are only very slightly enhanced; mostly natural.
3) This should explain a post from a couple days ago.

These were really quickly edited, so I apologize for the overly contrasted colors, etc.  I have been surprisingly very busy...  I did not imagine there to be as much work as there is.  I spend most of my week at Parsons now.  I would come on Sundays too but they aren`t open...

Went to my first Parisian club last night.  Very different from Minnesota...  Susie Pham, Carleton class of 2012, recommended it and it was free.  I had class from 4-10 yesterday and a 8:30am class today (and a couple more later in the day; 2-730pm).  Anyways, had fun until about 3:00am-ish, but stayed until 5:00am-ish cause thats about when the metro opens.  Slept for about an hour, struggled through Marketplace for Art and Design (which is super interesting!!) and now I`ll go home and take a short nap.  I guess cool fact of the day is that a lot of contemporary art is the selling of an idea (i.e. how to remake an installation as opposed to the actual installation as an art piece itself.  Last week I learned a lot of artists just tell their assistants what to do and sometimes the artist doesn`t even touch a thing in the work...  idk how I feel about that...)

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